Camping Mascún

Mountain Guide Service Rates, Mascún Campsite

Servicio de Guías de montaña en Rodellar. Barrancos, escalada, vías ferratas, trecking.

Qualified guides for canyoning, rock climbing, hiking, via ferrata


Price per person Price per person Price per person Price per person

Canyoning, Level 1 (beginners) 
(Group of minimum 4 people) Mascún Inferior, Barrasil

50,00 (4px)

55,00 (3px) 72,00 (2px) 118,00 1px)

Canyoning, Level 2 (intermediate)
(Group of minimum 4 people) Oscuros Balcez, Vero, Formiga, Peonera

56,00 (4px)

68,00 (3px) 80,00 (2px) 130,00 (1px)

Canyoning, Level 3 (advanced)
(Group of minimum 4 people) Mascún Superior, Otín, Gorgas Negras, Chimiachas, Peonera Integral, Oscuros + Estrechos de Balcez, Formiga + Gorgonchón

68,00 (4px)

75,00 (3px) 96,00 (2px) 157,00 (1px)

Hiking in Sierra de Guara
(Group of minimum 5 people)

30,00 (5px)

35,00 (4px) 42,00 (3px) 68,00 (2px)

Rock climbing
(Group of minimum 3 people) Climbing initiation

50,00 (3px)

55,00 (2px) 72,00 (1px) -

Via ferrata in Pared de la Virgen
(Group of minimum 4 people)

50,00 (4px)

52,00 (3px) 72,00 (2px) 118,00 (1px)


Our prices include VAT.

The prices of all the activities include: necessary rental equipment, accident insurance and a qualified guide.

The prices are per person/ per day in a group. Minimum of 4 participants are required for a group lesson.

Discount for campsite guests

Campsite guests will have a special discount of 5% on the 1st and 10% the 2nd activity.

10% discount for families with kids.


The prices of the activities include: necessary rental equipment,  accident insurance and a qualified guide.

Activity Pack / A weekend or 2 workdays (Low season only)

This pack is meant for groups of minimum 4 people and includes 2 day stay in a cabin.

180€ per person


  • 2  Nights in a cabin.
  • 2 Dinners.
  • 2 Breakfasts.
  • 2 Picnics
  • 2 Activities (to be detailed)

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